Tuesday, February 2, 2010

C# GradeBook

Here's an old gradebook that I wrote for my mom. I just got a call from someone that still using this, 6 years later... So figured I should post this to the inter-webs.

It allows teachers to enter and track grades for their students and print reports with grades and averages. Uses a category system (such as tests, homework, quizzes). Grade data is stored in xml format so it can be used with other tools, if necessary.

I wrote this program for my mother, who is a Chemistry teacher. This follows a version that my dad and I wrote for her over 13 years ago. That first version, written in Turbo Pascal, has lasted without patch or update for many years. She deserved an update.

This version is written entirely in C# and makes use of ADO.NET for storing all student data. Windows Forms were also used extensively. It was the first windows forms / ADO.NET code I wrote, so the code is really ugly. The coolest part of this project became a whole separate project over on sourceforge for printing reports. That codebase went through some nice refactorings and is actually somewhat manageable (although, still some of my earliest .NET code).

Download source code
Download compiled version (ready to run)

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1


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