Sunday, February 8, 2004

Printing Reports in .NET - Overview

The ReportPrinting library provides a programmatic way (i.e. no visual designer) to print reports. Features include:

  • Printing DataTables using classes similar to the DataGridColumnStyle class for formatting (also includes header and summary rows).
  • Printing paragraphs of text using style classes.
  • Customizable page headers and footers.
  • Boxes, Lines, Graphics...
  • Thorough class documentation and completely open source (written 100% in managed C#) with examples in C# and VB.NET


Download from SourceForge

I suggest compiling with the 1.1 compiler if you are using Visual Studio .Net 2003. There have been several reports of problems with text not printing correctly, or overlapping other text. This has never shown on my test machines, so I'm led to think there's some incompatibility on other machines that is fixed in .Net 1.1 (although reading through the Microsoft list of changes between versions, I don't see anything that logically makes sense).


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Craig and Jenna said...

Mike - how does it know to goto the next page? We seem to be frozen at a bottom of a page. True, I can add a page break, but what if I don't?